Raymond Kinghan was born in Belfast and it was at the Belfast College of Art that he started his studies, earning a BA hons degree in 1977

In 1979 he was awarded an MA with distinction in Industrial Ceramic Design at North Staffordshire Polytechnic and was working as a freelance ceramics designer in the Staffordshire pottery industry. This experience proved crucial for him as he reacted strenuously against the type of work which the ceramics industry viewed as commercially desirable and which he was constrained to produce or reproduce in order to make a living. Raymond had made work concerned with animals since his B.A. days in Belfast and while in Staffordshire he held three exhibitions, two of them solo shows, which confirmed his commitment to the theme.

In 1984 he set up Parrot Lodge Pottery in Co Down. Developing his understanding of form by making animals, birds and fish ceramic sculptures.

After moving to Dublin in1991, he started the forms of Life Studio to expand on these themes.

At the moment Raymond is working as a designer, producing models for future production and building work for a future solo show.