Sinéad lives and works in Dublin, she received a degree in architecture from D.I.T., an MScArchitecture: environmental and energy studies from C.A.T. Wales and is a practicing Movement Medicine teacher. Her creative practice and use of materials are influenced by her background in architecture, through explorations in sculpture, installation, dance and meditation, by a curiosity to explore human connections to place and by what it takes to reconnect people back emo
tionally with the natural world. She expresses authentic vibrant movement in large paintings, charcoal sketches and installations,tracing embodied explorations, experiences of connection to, and relationship with, the natural world found through mindful movement and meditation. Sinéad has travelled extensively spending time with indigenous groups in South America, learning about their innate connection and understanding of natural systems. Through her work she aspires to evoke a reminder of these essential human connections and the consequences of our loss of them in the western world.