Stephen has been forging steel for the past twelve years.Five years ago he set up his own forge in the West of Ireland in a place called Heaneys Cross, Tullinadaly in Tuam County Galway.It is here that Stephen creates once off, unique custom made, high quality, artistic contemporary designs in a variety of materials including iron, mild steel , copper and brass.   Each piece is handcrafted and made using the traditional skills of the blacksmith with a focus on design and the individual’s needs and budget.Previously Stephen was an aircraft engineer and he travelled all over the world where his experiences became an inspiration to his creative gifts.   While working abroad he became fascinated by the unique metalwork in the various cities he visited. He undertook a few professional courses but is primarily self taught. He is involved in passing on his unique talents to up and coming Irish blacksmiths at the moment. Stephen has an impressive range of his creations on his gallery page at